MUTT BUTTS® Dog Toys Handmade in America. Sale: 30% off all Toys!

Our Mutt Butts Dog Toys

CANINE COOLEYS™ and MUTT BUTTS® are our first dog toys. Handmade in America, these patent pending, flattie dog toys are uniquely scented like a dog's backside. Wait a minute! A dog's backside you ask? Uggghhh!!! No way!!! No worries dog parents, you can't smell a thing. But just in case for those curious humans who secretly want to know what a dog's backside smells like - and we know you're out there - you'll be disappointed. We placed an amount of scent inside each toy that only a dog can detect. Sorry curious humans.

Each of our unique dog toys contain synthetic versions of the organic compounds found in a dog's anal glands, and in an amount that is safe for dogs of any weight. In a dog's world these compounds are used as a means of communication. It's how dogs get to know each other in a special and aromatic way. What's great about our dog toys is they may benefit those dogs that suffer from separation anxiety or boredom when left alone. Instead of destroying a toy or other object your dog associates with your absence, our toys may comfort your dog knowing that a good friend is only a sniff away. Our toys have a non-toxic, heavy duty ripstop, 100% polyester fabric body with a durable nylon binding edge, triple stitched seams, and measure 9 inches in length.

Dog parents, our dog toys are durable, but not indestructible. Ingestion can result in serious injury. Please supervise your pets during play. Remove and replace the toys if they become damaged.  

The idea for our dog toys was inspired long ago by our grandfather, Bill. He would always say, "When I die, I want to come back as a dog to find out what's so attractive about their backsides!"

We hope CANINE COOLEYS™ and MUTT BUTTS® provide your dogs with hours of irresistible sniff time and become EVERY DOG'S DESIRE®!