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At the Samson Pet Group, we handmake the Mutt Butts brand dog toys. Our MUTT BUTTS®, CANINE COOLEYS™, BUTT BUDDYS™ and COOLEY COMPANIONS™ are the world’s most unique dog toys that will surely give your dogs hours of fun and quality sniff time. These patent pending, flattie dog toys are uniquely scented like a dog's backside. Wait a minute! A dog's backside? Uggghhh!!! No way!!!
No worries dog parents. Each one of our Mutt Butts dog toys contain synthetic versions of the organic compounds found in a dog's anal glands, and in an amount that is safe for dogs of any weight. In a dog's world these compounds are used as a means of communication. But guess what? Humans can’t smell a thing! Whew! Thank goodness! Treat your dog to the toys that are EVERY DOG'S DESIRE®!